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You can read a short interview about Moira Brown and her e-book publishing service.

Publishing a book on kindle can be very costly if you value your time. This indie e-book publisher, based in Dundee, Scotland, offers one of the most inexpensive solutions currently available on the market.

The service suits authors who don't want to waste time reading books like 'Building Your Book for Kindle' and then tediously reformatting their manuscript to meet the Amazon kindle guidelines.

It's for authors who don't want to learn how to use software called 'Calibre' to convert their manuscripts into the .mobi file format required by Amazon.

It's for authors who may not have the design ability to create an attractive book cover.

It's for authors who don't wish to set up and manage an Amazon Kindle Publishing account and don't know what keywords to enter to ensure their book is found.

Sometimes it pays to hire a professional. By the time it takes to figure it all out you could have written another book.

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Read details of the all inclusive ebook publishing service I offer.

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